Review Policy

I’m no longer blogging on this blog as I had moved to!
Find me over there, the same policy is still in effect.
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to review your item(s).
  • Please send the item(s) in a folder with the LM to the store.  Please be sure to clearly name the folder and contents with your store’s name and the name of product.
  • All reviews will be completed within a timely manner of my receipt of the folder.
Each review will be posted with picture(s). Also, they will be posted on my Flickr stream. Lately, I have been trying to plurk all the posts with a picture. Check out Plurk!

I will also accept store gift cards, if you are not wanting to send exact product.

If sending skins: I generally wear skintones that are neutral if not slightly lighter. Ranger will wear darker tones to the darkest skins created.
If sending hair: I would prefer blond/platinum. Please note, it is difficult to create a review about just hair. I would prefer to include your hair as showcased during a mashup or another review.
If the product(s) are returnable, I will gladly return them if noted prior to my posted review date. To make this note, please send a notecard in the folder clearly stating such.

If you would like to link to my blog, please do so. I encourage linking. If you do, please let me know as I would also like to list your site.

All reviews are my own thoughts, words and/or understanding of the product(s).

**Items do not have to be “new releases”. I am willing to review any product(s). I do not, however; blog everything I receive.  I will pick what I find to be creative and meets my level of quality. Please do not let this stop you from sending product. I will gladly work with you to help improve the design quality.**
*This supercedes any inworld profile listing or notecard or printed material I may have.*

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