I’m no longer blogging on this blog as I had moved to!

Writing about oneself is difficult. I never really know how I’m perceived.  I do know that I laugh way too much for my own good … and trouble easily finds me.  My trouble is usually in form of something silly and, omg, you have giggle at it.

Lately, SL has become a playground of sorts.  I end up exploring with unique people I randomly meet.  If you have a place that you enjoy and think I would too, drop the LM on me :)

My SL loves include shoes, hair and all things pink. My heart has been broken too many times to look for anyone anymore. If you have anything shiny, you surely will hold my attention … for a short while.

At any given time, my Flickr, yes is loaded with fashion reviews, but also peppered with pics that capture my thoughts/feelings of that moment.  I’m a perpetual student of photoshop.

Laugh often – Life is too short not to!

*Hugs & Kisses*
Luna Jubilee


One response to “Luna

  1. Brad Parker

    Nice blog rock star :)

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